Marine Physical Laboratory

Professor of Ocean Acoustics

Research Interests:

  • Shallow-water ocean acoustic propagation
  • Ambient noise inversions for sediment geoacoustic properties
  • 3-D acoustic propagation in range-dependent channels
  • Acoustic imaging using ambient noise (acoustic daylight)
  • Volcano acoustics
  • Bubble dynamics
  • Bubble acoustics (collective oscillations)
  • Sediment acoustics
  • Waves in porous media
  • Causality and the transient solutions of partial differential wave equations
  • High Doppler airborne sources for underwater acoustics research
  • Statistical properties of sand grain shapes
  • Packing statistics of irregular particles
  • Ambient noise profiling in the deep (11 km) ocean
  • Underwater detection and modeling of sonic booms
  • Acoustic pulse propagation in dispersive media
  • Very-high-energy neutrino detection in the ocean


  • B.S., University of Reading, England
  • Ph.D., University of Reading, England